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Coupons and promotional offers are the most demanded stuffs for a shopping freak and most of the online shopping companies and regular stores have taken proper benefit of the situation and more importantly this benefit is of a mutual type. Yes these coupons mutually benefit both the seller and the buyer and this is the cause of the humongous success of this coupon concept.

Now since all the companies have plunged into the idea of creating discount codes and coupons, it is time for taking the next leap that calls for attractive and appealing coupons to attract more customers. While many of the lot have understood the value of coupons, only a few of them have actually understood the importance of designing them effectively. So here are a few tips to make your coupons look more appealing. Check out https://7coupons.in/store/yatra/.

Make it Bold and Beautiful:

Design your coupons in such a way that the fonts and prints are loud and clear. The Headlines that are printed in bold should convey the message about the offer perfectly. It should be specific and stylish.

Say it with pictures:

A picture always has a better appeal rather than plain words. So say it with pictures. Use a good illustration that explains the cause of the coupon easily. Usually when a product is for kids, for example a toy or a food item, then this visual appeal will do great wonders in attracting a lot of new customers to use your coupon.

Make a Worthy Offer:

However well designed a coupon is, if there is no real stuff inside, then it si going to be useless. So make sure the coupon that you offer has some really solid offers. These offers can include discounts on purchase, bonus offers, free offers, premium offers and so on. These are offers that people would take up irrespective of the design and looks.

Be sure to Use your Logo:

After all the designing what is the actual use if you miss out to inform who is the provider of the offer? So always ensure that you imprint you logo on the coupon. This will help in brand promotion along with the basic idea of offer promotion.

Highlight the benefits:

When you just say we offer huge discounts – no body is going to get excited. But on the other hand if you promote with the words – Shop with us and save more, it will have a more personal impact on people. So highlight what are the benefits that the customers would reap when they use your coupon offer.

Upselling Works:

Upselling is the strategy that works most of the time. When a customer asks for information regarding products that he/she would like to purchase, provide them information regarding related products also that are of a slightly higher cost. Compare and explain the benefits. So do an up selling effectively.

Design according to the offer:

A coupon has to be designed in such a way that it suits the product or offer advertised. For e.g. A clothing store coupon cannot be printed dull with just letters, so chose colours and fonts and the designing style that will gel with the actual offer.

Position your coupons appropriately:

There are various ways to distribute coupons and this happens both online and offline. When it is online distribution, proper and suitable sites should be chosen to promote them and if it offline or in-store promotion, the coupons should be placed where there will be maximum traffic flow in the store. Don’t place the coupons in one corner of the store and expect them to be used by the customer. The apt place would be the place next to the billing desk.

Maintain a database:

It is not enough if you offer coupons to customers, it is equally important to note down the details of the customers who take the coupon. This is necessary for tracking sales based on the coupons.

Follow up:

Marketing and promotional activities don’t just stop with one sale. It should be an ongoing process. Proper maintenance of customer data and regular follow ups based on their favorites and purchase styles will lead to a better rapport between the customer and the company and this will in turn lead to increased sales.


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